Terms & Conditions

All Greek Regions

The Terms and Conditions described below apply to all Greek regions. 

Additional Driver

Additional driver will not be charged. From 1 April 2009 the Additional driver will be charged at € 3 plus vat per day. Maximum charge 10 days. 


Renter and driver must be 21 years old for groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I, K and 25 years old for groups H, J, M, N, O, P, L. Apart from that, drivers that are not already 25 years old, regardless of the type of the car, will be charged € 10,00 plus vat daily. Maximum charge 10 days.

Baby Seats

Baby seats are available upon request, charged at € 2,00 plus vat per day. Maximum charge 10 days.

From 1 April 2009 the Baby seats will be charged at € 3,00 plus vat per day. Maximum charge 10 days.

Driver's License

Must be issued at least 12 months prior to rental.


  1. Should the renter return the car with a same tank fuel. 
  2. Should the renter return the car with less fuel, he will be charged the cost of the missing fuel.

Insurances & Excess Amounts

Without any additional cost the company provides to the renter insurance coverage for:

  1. Death and injury of third party up to € 500.000
  2. Material damages to third parties up to € 100.000
  3. The renter is liable up to the total value of the car, in case of theft or accident.
  4. Damage Cover (CDW)
    Damage Cover (CDW) is designed for accidental damage caused to the vehicle other than by theft or attempted theft and includes the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle towing, storage charges, loss of use and administrative costs.

Incident Report

In case of an incident or a traffic violation fine, is renter’s liability to cover the expenses.